Strings and Fretted

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Violin (JB 10250) 

 Lightly used Yamaha AV-5 3/4-size violin #01149.   New set Prelude strings, with chin and shoulder rests, rosin, Glasser bow.  Sale: $345.00


Viola (BM-10855)

Knilling 16” Viola, Model 3105FH, #13685.  Shaped case w/Glasser bow, Thomastik Strings, Excellent Condition. Asking $300.00.



Viola (IG-10781)

Pfretzshner 16.5” Viola OTFT, Model 103, #3085 w/Glasser Bow, shaped case, Good condition. Asking $250.00

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Violin (MS10013)

 1/8 Sz Knilling Sinfonia violin OTFT Model 19KE, S/N7679.  Owner purchased the next size up.  This like-new instrument can be your child’s starter instrument for $250.000 o.b.o.

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Violins (similar to JB44455)

 NEW Yamaha AV5-4/4, 3/4 and 1/2 Violin Outfits in box. With either 

f/g or wood bow, Rosin.   List Price:  $895-$1010.   Special discount for S.E. Alaska residents: please call for current quote. MANY new violins starting as low as  $407.00

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Viola (JB VA5S Series.

 Yamaha violas, some with upgrade strings sizes in stock range from 13” to 16.5” some with upgrade Helicore strings.  Suggested retail to $1255.00.  Special Wholesale pricing for Southeast AK residents on all violas.


Viola (JV-10797)

16” Bonn Concerto Model Viola OTFT #29161.13, Wood bow, oblong lightweight case, beautiful condition. Asking $300.00