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 Instrument Repair    

Repair and service of all musical instruments  (and accessories)

Free quotes on all repairs.  

$60/hour plus parts.

Warranty repairs are provided free.

90-day unconditional guarantee on all services.  You must be satisfied.

Simple repairs - stuck mouthpiece/tenon joint - NO CHARGE.  Please let us do the work before dad gets out the vise grips!

Custom modifications - gold, silver and nickel plating.

Please note that due to the use of pot metal and other inferior components used in many of the current "offshore" and low quality instruments, we will generally fix and guarantee only those instruments purchased thorough our shop.  Instruments purchased from the internet or other sources may be accepted by the repair shop on a case-by-case basis.

Orphan Instruments.  Following notification that your instrument has been repaired, please make arrangements to retrieve it as soon as possible.  Instruments still on the shelf 60 days after our initial call to you will retroactively accrue storage fees of $5/month.  After 6 months we will make the instrument available for sale at the cost of repair plus accrued storage charges.

"As a trumpet player on a cruise ship, I'm often not in places for very long (usually a matter of hours) so when my horn fell off the stage the night before we reached Juneau, I knew I needed something done in a hurry. After a quick e-mail to Bill, he said he could squeeze me in my limited time in port. An hour and a half later, not only has the leadpipe been reattached and dents/creaes been removed, but the man also gave my horn a much neded cleaning and polishing. All at a price that was cheaper than the cab fare it took to get there! Top marks for Juneau Brass! Thanks so much for fixing my baby! " A. Smith, July, 2015

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