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  • Do you take Credit Cards?
    Yes. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, along with pre-approved checks, money orders, & cash.
  • Can I Special Order a particular model instrument with a custom finish?
    Absolutely. Delivery time is dependent on the manufacturer’s schedule and availability.
  • Do you give Accessory Discounts to schools, non-profits and government organizations?"
    Yes. The discount varies depending on the quantity and item(s) ordered. It is usually 15-20% plus free freight.
  • Can I buy just one Reed, or do I have to buy an entire box?"
    We sell individual reeds and boxes of 10 or 25. All receive 20% discount off current retail price. An ongoing in-store special gives 2 FREE reeds with the purchase of 10 reeds (punch card program).
  • If an item in your catalog is Not In Stock, when can I get it?"
    We place orders for music and accessories nearly every Monday. It usually arrives in about one week, if it is in-stock at the warehouse.
  • Can you get Sheet Music and ensemble music?
    We stock the books actively used in area school music programs only. For additional options, see our LINKS page.
  • Does JBW buy Used Instruments?
    We rarely purchase used instruments, however, we offer generous terms on select consignments.
  • I sat on my instrument - can it be repaired?
    Sure. We can repair or replace parts on nearly any quality instrument.
  • I bought a $10.00 instrument from eBay, or at a garage sale.  Can you Repair it?"
    Perhaps, but our generous warranty does not apply. Please note that many inexpensive instruments are poorly designed, play out of tune and cannot be repaired due to the nature of the alloys used in their construction. We will judge repairability on a case-by-case basis.
  • What do you charge for Repairs?
    $60.00 per hour plus parts. Warranty repairs for your rentals from one of our approved affiliates are generally free.
  • Do you repair Instrument Cases?
  • Do you “Pick up” instruments, or do field repairs?"
    Generally we only perform this service for schools and institutions after receipt of a work or purchase order.
  • Can you provide “Rush Service” for Professional Musicians?
    Absolutely. Best to contact us via email as phones are not always checked after hours. Extra charges may apply. Email:
  • Do you perform the repairs, or send it “outside” for repair?"
    All repair/restoration services are done by us locally in the order received. Plating, lacquering, and certain overhauls are sent outside.
  • Can we take our Taylor Music (S.D.) rental instrument to JBW for Repairs?
    Yes. We continue to provide warranty service FREE for all instruments we rent and sell, or which are rented through our affiliate, unless damaged as a result of willful neglect or malicious behavior. (Note: our rental program was discontinued 12/2014. Warranty service will continue per the contract in force. Bring your contract information with you when you bring in your instrument)
  • It’s Sunday Night and I just broke my instrument.  I need it for band Monday.  Can I call you?
    Generally not. If you can reach us by email after hours, we will attempt to work you in. If you need a rush repair we may charge a bit extra.
  • What are the Shop Hours?
    Tuesday-Saturday, 1-5pm throughout the school year. Outside those hours please confirm an appointment by phone or email. During Summer months we are available 6 days per week by confirmed appointment only. We are closed Sunday.
  • I work until 5pm.  Can I bring in my instrument after hours?
    Yes, by confirmed appointment only.
  • Poor Quality Instruments
    We fix and warrant every instrument we sell. An increasing number of poorly constructed instruments containing “pot metal” are showing up in the local marketplace. These expendable, “throw-away” instruments cannot be covered by our generous warranty and so cannot be consigned or overhauled by JBW. We may elect to perform minor repairs on a case by case basis, however no warranty will apply to these adjustments
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