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About Juneau Brass and Winds

What We Do

Juneau Brass and Winds provides repair services to all woodwind, brass, percussion and stringed instruments. We also maintain a small inventory of new and used instruments ranging from student to professional level, along with a wide range of accessories, books, reeds, mouthpieces, mallots and sticks, strings, and many other parts.

Rent to Own   

Our "Rent to Own" program was discontinued in 2014, however, we endorse, promote and perform warranty repair work for instruments rented through Taylor Music of South Dakota.  Click here to go to Taylor Music of SD.

playing Flute
Quality Instruments

Many new and "nice looking" instruments are available online and overseas.  While prices may seem attractive, many of these instruments are poorly designed.  They often play out of tune and cannot be repaired due to the nature of the materials used in their construction.  JBW strives to provide only the highest quality services and merchandise available and we offer reasonable and competitive prices.


Here is a poignant YouTube video (click on button below) about the playability comparison between various brands of Instruments, specifically in the clarinet family.

"To walk into a store as a new client with limited knowledge and walk out knowing so much more with two happy kids and a world class flute and a great cello for my budding musicians. Wow. Lifelong customers here. Did I mention the price was beyond right? Shopping local really was the best deal for us, yet again!!" M. Jennings, October, 2015

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