Tuesday-Saturday 1:00pm-5:00pm,

or by appointment.  


During summer months* we are available Monday-Saturday by confirmed appointment only.

*(Last day of public school until the day school restarts).

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Juneau Brass and Winds

9550 Moraine Way, Juneau, AK 99801

Tel: 907-789-0777

Single/Double Reeds

Alto Sax (JS-10789 )

Used Yamaha YAS200AD Alto Sax OTFT#339938. Recently serviced in our shop, good condition, missing a couple of pearl inlays on the upper keys (replaceable).  Includes neck strap. Owner asking $350.

Clarinet (JB-10859)

NEW-in-Box, Leblanc Student Clarinet Outfits, 7 instruments, two variations to choose from!  Model LB-320; ready for the new school year! List over $1100, JB price $500 while the supply lasts.

Used Clarinet (GP-10872)

Used Yamaha YCL-200AD Clarinet OTFT #449678.  A great student in nearly-new condition at a fraction of the current retail price! $295.00 includes some reeds and a partial care kit.

Alto Saxophone (MW10895)

Used Cannonball Model AAL Lacquered Alto Sax S/N AW139080.  Recent service has this instrument playing like new again. Available for $700.

Clarinet (DS-10734 )

Vito (Leblanc) 7213 Bb Clarinet Outfit S/N E77362 in LIKE NEW condition, with care kit and reeds: ready to go!  


Clarinet (JB 12987)

USED Yamaha Bb Clarinet YCL-34  (wood) in Carry-all case. #014545AII.   A good clarinet for a High School Student upgrade on a budget. Asking $268.00


Clarinet (JB-10680)

NEW-in-box,  Yamaha Student Clarinet Outfits, 13 to select from!  YCL-200AD; ready for the new school year! List over $1000.  Juneau Brass price is $500 each while the supply lasts.


Alto Saxophone (JB-187447)

New Student/Intermediate CNBL Alto Saxophone Outfits (several available).   My personal favorite: these instruments are a player’s dream.   Easy to play, easy for the repairman to keep adjusted, super quality components, great sound, great price.   AND I can offer my Southeast AK clients a crazy good discount.  Call for pricing.

Clarinet (JB13067)

Pruefer Bb Clarinet OTFT.   Intermediate (wood) model S/N 45364.   Recently overhauled in our shop, but not retrieved by the owner.  Orphaned instruments are offered for sale for the cost of repairs and cumulative accrued storage fees.   GREAT VALUE to a new owner. Their loss is your gain. $107.80 to the first cash buyer.