Single/Double Reeds


Clarinet (JB-10859) NEW

NEW-in-Box, Leblanc Student Clarinet Outfits, 4 instruments, two variations to choose from!  Model LB-320; ready for the new school year! List over $1100, JB price $560 while the supply lasts.


Alto Saxophone (JB-187447) NEW

New Student/Intermediate CNBL Alto Saxophone Outfits (several available).   My personal favorite: these instruments are a player’s dream.   Easy to play, easy for the repairman to keep adjusted, super quality components, great sound, great price.   AND I can offer my Southeast AK clients a crazy good discount.  Call for pricing.


Clarinet (JB-10680) NEW

NEW-in-box,  Yamaha Student Clarinet Outfits, 3 to select from!  YCL-200AD; ready for the new school year! List over $1000.  Juneau Brass price is $560 each while the supply lasts.