Brass Instruments

Trombone (JB10559)

New Yamaha YSL-445G trombone OTFT #442811.  Intermediate instrument. .525" bore, 8 1/2" gold-brass 2-pc bell.  Lacquered Brass.  SRP $1738. JBW price $1100.

Trombone (JB10556)

New Yamaha "Zeno" trombone OTFT YSL881G, #419647.  .547" Bore, 8 2/3" GOLD Brass Bell.  SRP $3474. JBW price $2000.

Trumpet (JB10218 )

NEW Yamaha YTR300 - 1 in stock.  Many intermediate instrument features at a student horn price.  Lacquered Brass.  Black cloth-covered wood case.  List price $1600.   JBW price $1108.

French Horn (MW10896)

Used Conn 6D Double French Horn Outfit.  S/N 199440 in-like new condition. Conn Hard Case w/Conn 2 Mouthpiece and maintenance kit. Recently serviced in our shop; has some mileage on it with a few dings, but plays like a new horn at a fraction of the new price. $1073.00

Trombone (JB10557)

New Bach Strad Trombone OTFT model 42BO, #186906.  .547" large bore, 8 1/2" 1-piece hand-hammered bell.  open-wrap F attachment.  Lacquered Brass. SRP  $4255. 

JBW price $2900.

Trombone (JB 10834 )

New Yamaha YSL-448G Trombone OTFT list $2298, S/N 451594. Superb intermediate Bb/F attachment instrument!  JBW price $1497.

Trumpet (JB-605507)

CNBL Artist model 42S Symphonic Trumpet OTFT, silver-plated yellow brass, w/one piece bell, monel pistons, ML bore (.460),TWO main tuning slides, specially placed sound enhancing rings, 5C mouthpiece, case and accessories.  Currently our BEST offering in the trumpet department.  My usual special pricing on pro gear for SEAK residents.   Call for pricing.

Trumpet (TT11004)

Trumpet Used, Silver-plated brass Bach TR-200S S/N 461092.  Intermediate model, plays like new.   Includes mute, 2 mouthpieces.  Case wear only. $500.00

French Horn  (DP-11045)

Used Atkinson Model D400 Double French Horn OTFT; #20503, nickel-plated brass.   Very clean, barely used. Fantastic bargain at $1,750 o.b.o.



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