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Brass Instruments

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Trombone (JB10559)

New Yamaha YSL-445G trombone OTFT #442811.  Intermediate instrument. .525" bore, 8 1/2" gold-brass 2-pc bell.  Lacquered Brass.  SRP $1738. JBW price $1100.


Trumpet (DH11277 )

Used Olds Bb Student Trumpet OTFT, Plays great, recently serviced in our shop.7C Mouthpiece and quality case. asking $150.00 

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Trombone (JB10557)

New Bach Strad Trombone OTFT model 42BO, #186906.  .547" large bore, 8 1/2" 1-piece hand-hammered bell.  open-wrap F attachment.  Lacquered Brass. SRP  $4255. 

JBW price $2900.

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Trombone (JB10556) NEW

New Yamaha "Zeno" trombone OTFT YSL881G, #419647.  .547" Bore, 8 2/3" GOLD Brass Bell.  SRP $3474. JBW price $2000.


Trombone (SS-11315)

Used HOLTON H602F #946499 w/8” bell, 2 mouthpieces, featherweight case in like new dent free condition. Superb upgrade instrument at a below entry-level price point. Asking $660.00

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