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Trumpet Player
Performing Ochestra
Disassembled Clarinet

Juneau Brass and Winds is a locally-owned and operated, sole-proprietorship.  Since 1979, Juneau Brass and Winds (JBW) has provided thousands of new and used music instruments to students entering public and private music programs.  We also repair all woodwind, brass, percussion and stringed instruments.

Call now for a repair estimate or to inquire about music instruments & accessories

907-789-0777 or 907-209-7797

"How many shops will accurately gauge your needs and match service and products to your resources? Who looks at the trajectory and career of a musician or an instrument and can offer you pros and cons for study, repairs or purchases? How can you find out who is who and what is what in the local Brass and Winds scene? Visit Juneau Brass and Winds. ***** (5 Stars)."  R. Imel, October 2018 

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